Planet of the Dead liveblog on 7/26 at 7:45 PM Eastern

On Sunday, July 26 at 7:45 PM Eastern, I will be hosting a liveblog during BBC America's first airing of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, at my personal blog, You can join me and a bunch of other Doctor Who fans for a live discussion of Planet of the Dead as it happens on air. The chat will open early so people have time to arrive and say hi, then we'll watch the episode until its conclusion at 9:15 and stick around afterward for some discussion.

If you'd like to join us but don't get BBC America, feel free to bring along whatever copy of Planet of the Dead you have and we'll tell you when to start and stop to compensate for the commercial breaks and stay in sync with us.

Thanks to Chip from the Two Minute Time Lord podcast for this lively idea. His Torchwood: Children of Earth liveblogs were great fun. Unlike Chip's liveblogs, this liveblog will take a relaxed attitude toward spoilers as I'm assuming most of us have seen it already. The CoveritLive liveblog service makes it really simple which allows us to focus on having a good time.

I hope you'll join us! Just visit at 7:45 and you'll find the liveblog.

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TCR: 000 and 001 Special Compilation Edition There was a massive outcry for mp3 over m4a, and I have obliged. This special mp3 compilation of TCR:001 and TCR:002 contains never-before-heard linking material by Tom Baker. Wait, Dickinson. Did I say Baker? I meant Dickinson.
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The Small Screen, the Big Screen, and the Bigger-on-the-Inside Screen After a wishy-washy, namby-pamby episode zero, The Cloister Room roars onto the scene with its triumphant episode 001: "The Small Screen, the Big Screen, and the Bigger-on-the-Inside Screen."

In this episode, host Tom Dickinson kicks it off by discussing Doctor Who films: The ones that were made, the ones that were proposed, and the one that's rumored to be in development. All this and more (but not much more) in the exciting premiere of The Cloister Room.
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The first, or rather zero-th, episode of The Clositer Room. Characterized by a distinct lack of any kind of content or enjoyability. Mostly just a test since I'm new to this podcasting thing.
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