The Cloister Room 108 - Mayhem Has Merit

It's almost Christmas and Santa Claus is coming to town, but surely it's not too late for us to finally release our episode on Death in Heaven? Topics of discussion include Cyberkid, LI Who 2, and personal pronouns.

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The Cloister Room 107 - A Snake and then Eric Roberts

Part one of the two-part finale is here! Tom and Louis discuss Missy’s big reveal, the latest development on Danny, and lots, lots more.

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The Cloister Room 106 - Zoo Tycoon

As Series Eight hurtles toward its conclusion, Tom and Louis confer over the third-to-last episode. Topics of discussion include zoo management and the Doctor's brother.

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The Cloister Room 105 - The Dimension Field is Leaking

Series Eight rolls on and Tom and Louis roll on accordingly. In this, their discussion of flatline, topics include iPad bezels and evil geniuses.

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The Cloister Room 104 - Actual Mummy Magic

Another week, another new episode! Tom and Louis discuss Mummy on the Orient Express. Tom derails the discussion with spoilers for the Big Finish audio "The Boy That Time Forgot" (so, y'know, look out for that), and Louis has Train Beefs.


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The Cloister Room 103 - Space Dragon Will Have to Do

Series Eight of Doctor Who continues with a trip to the moon. We talk about the Doctor's DVD collection, the US Presidency, and... well, the abortion thing. We talk about that.

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The Cloister Room 102 - Geographical Spillage

Halfway through the season! Tom and Louis discuss the latest episode, The Caretaker. Topics of discussion include the dietary habits of sand piranhas and the use of cherry bombs.


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The Cloister Room 101 - That Box Has Been Well Ticked

Another week, another new episode of Doctor Who! We truly are spoiled. Tom and Louis take some time out to discuss whether the heist is sufficiently heisty. 


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The Cloister Room 100 - A Structurally Sound Barn

It's the Cloister Room's one hundredth episode and Tom and Louis have one heck of an episode to discuss--Capaldi's latest adventure, "Listen." Topics of discussion include the ups and downs of future spacesuit fashion, and an important public service announcement for your health.

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The Cloister Room 099 - Shoot the Arrow into a Thermal Exhaust Port

Another week, another new episode! Louis and Tom talk about the Doctor's journey to Sherwood Forest. Topics of discussion include cuts and edits, swords and spoons.


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The Cloister Room 098 - In That Case, On a Case by Case Basis, Whatever the Case May Be

Louis and Tom discuss Capaldi's second big outing, and his first showdown against the Daleks.  Topics of discussion include the two halves of fiction, tea in heaven, and soldiers.


The Cloister Room 097 - Pushing the Robot out the Flesh Blimp

Louis and Tom set their random wanderings aside--Doctor Who is back on television! Obviously, this episode is about Capaldi's first outing as the new Dr. Who.

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The Cloister Room 096 - An Experiment In Disguise Science

It's the eve of Peter Capaldi's first big outing as the Doctor, but who cares about that? Random selection has brought Tom and Louis to an idyllic village in the country where the Rani is up to no good. Topics of discussion include barren philosophies and wild endeavours.


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The Cloister Room 095 - Fire Extinguisher, Lost to Time

Random selection brings Tom and Louis to a spaceship, and also France. The origins of the Moffat era are uncovered, and the trials and tribulations of future spam filtering are discussed.

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The Cloister Room 094 - Well, One Of Us Is Going To Have To Change

The whims of the randomizer bring Tom and Louis to one of 2013's recently rediscovered gems: The Enemy of the World. Louis has some less than entirely kind words about Fedorin, while Tom praises Salamander's efficient use of space.

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Random chance brings Tom and Louis to Doctor Who's tenth anniversary extravaganza, The Three Doctors. The origins of the Doctor's contempt for Twitter are explained, and we manage to hold things together through the force of our own will.

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The Cloister Room 092 - Wake Up, Sheeple, Or Whatever

Tom and Louis randomly arrive in the Big Finish neighborhood of the Doctor Who universe, to discuss the 2003 audio release "Davros." Louis raises questions about Davros's economic plan, and Tom peels back the layers of the Kaled scientist.


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The Cloister Room 091 - The Axon Clause

Random chance brings Tom and Louis to the seventies classic The Claws of Axos. Louis pitches the Pigbin Josh trilogy, and Tom brings us on tangents about Doctor Who story numbering conventions and acetaminophen poisoning.

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The Cloister Room 090 - Please Hold, Your Screams Are Important To Us

A most random selection leads Tom and Louis to the planet Spiridon, where invisible creatures abound. Louis points out the Daleks’ apparent newfound cartographic advantage, and Tom proposes a new enemy for the Thals to face.

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The Cloister Room 089 - How Rude of Me To Just Call Him Skull

The random selector brings Tom and Louis to season 15 of Doctor Who, to discuss rustic racism and glow skulls. Louis remarks on the Doctor's moral values, and Tom unpacks the implication of K-9's character arc in the serial.



The Cloister Room 088 - I Think He Was Based on a Lizard-Woman

At long last, Tom and Louis convene to discuss the finale of Sherlock's third series. Louis points out how Sherlock literally kills two metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone, and Tom brings up question relating to Sherlock Holmes's ties to the Doctor Who universe.

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The Cloister Room 087 - You Would Do Well To Heed Me

In a stunning feat of temporal ineptitude, the episode that should have been episode 85 is episode 87, and vice versa. Anyway. Tom and Louis are brought in their random wanderings to a Fourth Doctor classic, the Masque of Mandragora. Opinion is divided. But who will side with reason, and who will side with primitive superstition? Only one way to find out...


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The Cloister Room 086 - Hacking Detected

Tom and Louis resume their discussion of Sherlock's third series, and ponder the matrimonial mayhem of The Sign of Three. Louis ponders the telegrams, and Tom admires the computer skills on display in the episode's opening.

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The Cloister Room 085 - The Shangri-La of Swimming Pools

Tom and Louis are randomly whisked away to the Seventh Doctor's era, picking up from their previous foray into Time and the Rani. Tom takes note of the punctuational music, and Louis wonders about Mel's appetite for cookies.


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The Cloister Room 084 - Two-ish Years Minus Some Days

Seeing as this podcast is allegedly about "Doctor Who and other things", don't you think it's time we discussed some other thing? We do. So we discussed the first episode of BBC's third series of Sherlock.

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The Cloister Room 083 - Wrath of the Quakers

Discussing Doctor Who: Wrath of the Iceni

The time winds of random selection take Tom and Louis over to the Big Finish corner of the Doctor Who universe, where they discuss the Fourth Doctor adventure The Wrath of the Iceni. It all devolves into an extended defense of the pure historical.

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The Cloister Room 082 - A Really Long and Tedious End User License Agreement

Eleven's Hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve's. At the risk of spoiling this episode, you might not want to listen to it if you're the kind of person who prefers constant sunshine and positivity.






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