The Cloister Room 062 - Death, The Ultimate Experiment!

Tom and Louis are randomly assigned the unenviable task of watching and discussing Time and The Rani, a story about which they make no attempts to hide their distaste. Tom laments Doctor Who's first major use of CG, and Louis explores the strangeness of strange matter. It's not a fun story, but hopefully it makes for a fun podcast?

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The Cloister Room 061 - Moons Of Madness!

Guided by the whims of a =RAND() function in an excel worksheet, Tom and Louis embark on a journey to the planet Calufrax to discuss the Douglas Adams classic, The Pirate Planet. Louis noticea a connection that brought out memories of Tom's earliest fandom, and David Bradley and other Davids are discussed.

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The Cloister Room 060 -Bad Daleks

Having finished their journey through Season 18 (and a little bit of Season 19), Tom and Louis randomize their viewing and wind up at the tail end of the Hartnell era, discussing the War Machines. Out of their element, Louis repeatedly mispronounced WOTAN and Tom gets Dodo's debut story wrong. Still, there is much to be discussed, from supply chaining to fourth wall breaking to Dodo's alleged death at the hands of history's greatest monster: syphilis. 

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The Cloister Room 059 - Your Regeneration And You

Tom and Louis have finished Season 18, but there are loose ends which remain to be tied up, so they venture into Season 19 to discuss Castrovalva. Louis admires Nyssa's intensity, and Tom judges Master against Master.

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The Cloister Room 058 - Airplane-Focused

It's been a long road, but Tom and Louis finally bring their discussion of Season Eighteen to a close with Logopolis, Tom Baker's final outing as the Doctor. Louis notes the TARDIS's interesting noises, and Tom wonders at the alien marvel of regeneration. All that and MORE!

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