TCR 008: Incursion of the Ha'Roul

In this weeks (er... actually, LAST week's, since I was four days late in releasing it) thrilling episode of The Cloister Room, Tom talks about sense an nonsense. 

In Act One, Tom talks about the lack of nonsense in Doctor Who story titles. In Act Two, the "Tom Says Some Stuff About Lost" is about the answers (or non-answers) that Lost is delivering in its final season. Are we making sense of Lost, or aren't we?

Plus, the Dune Quote of the Week, and Haiku Reviews on... well, music, which is entirely off-topic. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but that's what this episode is about!

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TCR 007: I Hope It's Cool!

This week on The Cloister Room, Tom talks about reboots. No, not ReBoot. Franchise continuity reboots. Of the kind that, back in January, Jane Tranter was considering engaging in for the purpose of bringing Doctor Who to the US. Tom explains his reaction and, well... it's not fanboyish bile.

Plus two new, presumably regular segments:  Tom Says Some Stuff About Lost: Tom unravels the mysteries of the new narrative device introduced this season of Lost. The Haiku Review: Tom offers his poetically pithy reviews of three currently-running TV programs.

All this and more*, on this week's episode of The Cloister Room.

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*NOTE: And by "more" I mean the Dune Quote of the Week. That's more, right?

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