The Cloister Room 075 - That's True

A random selection brings Tom and Louis to The Ark, and then to The Ark again. That's just kind of how this works. Tom once again talks about how much he hates Dodo, and Louis points out how like a First Doctor story this First Doctor story is.

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The Cloister Room 074 - He Likes It Venusian

The random selector brings Tom and Louis to the planet Peladon, for their first time and the Doctor's as well. The importance of the Ice Lords is discussed, and the merits of the delegate from Alpha Centauri are debated.

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The Cloister Room 073 - This Is Something That Needs To Be Reconciled

As the world rejoices at the return of 9 lost Doctor Who episodes, Tom and Louis do not mention it at all, since this was recorded before that happened. Still, there's plenty of joy to be had as our podcasters are brought by random fate to the most thoroughly lost episode of Doctor Who ever to be half-finished: Shada! Tom engages in some blow-by-blow comparisons of Shada's many versions, while Louis has a bone to pick with K-9.

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The Cloister Room 072 - You're My Favorite, Nyssa

Tom and Louis are randomly flown to a time long ago, for a discussion of Time-Flight, where Tegan is truly in her element. Louis draws connections to another, much more recent guy the Doctor had to thwart, and Tom comes up with a theory to narratively justify the Master's politically incorrect disguise.

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The Cloister Room 071 - I Guess I Have To Call It Unobtanium

A random breeze carries Tom and Louis to a Colony in Space, where visitors may colonize or mine to their hearts' content. Louis questions the logic of the Master's plan, and Tom repeats vehicular details learned from the DVD release. Endless fun.

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