The Cloister Room 134 - No Worse Than What You'd Hear in a Shakespeare Play


Louis and Tom venture to regency England for an encounter with the mysterious highwayman known as the Knightmare. Topics of discussion include Mire-pattern baldness, the Lion King, and the color mauve.



The Cloister Room 133 - Shrub Jefferson

Tom and Louis have their long-awaited encounter with the mysterious Girl Who Died. But who is she? The Rani? Susan? Romana? Or something far stranger? Topics of discussion include the Doctor's face, iPhones, and eel habitats.

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The Cloister Room 132 - This Is a Man in a Rubber Suit and We Are Proud

Journey with Tom and Louis back Before the Flood. Topics of discussion include secret workplace romance, the Fisher King's pseudo-death protocols, and the Doctor's vlog. All this plus missing episodes, Big Finish, and more! more! more!

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The Cloister Room 131 - Corridor Relay Race

Tom and Louis journey Under the Lake (well, *into* the lake, at any rate), for a discussion of the latest adventure with the Doctor and Clara. Topics of discussion include candy, cliffhangers, and Class.

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The Cloister Room 130 - Dr. Who and the Wheel of Snakes

That witch is familiar, isn’t she? Tom and Louis talk about the conclusion of the Doctor’s adventure on Skaro, and topics of discussion include how to write a good title, Kaledizing Davros, and Dalek strategy.

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