The Cloister Room 070 - All Bets Must Be Upheld

This week, Tom and Louis randomly arrive on a street in victorian London, where a mysterious man claiming to be the Doctor is doing battle with some Cybermen and a villainess with unclear motivations. Tom objects to the production team's silly regeneration games, and Louis keeps pointing out, quite rightly, that it's Christmas.

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The Cloister Room 069 - Magic Artist Powers

This week, Tom and Louis are randomly brought to Provence for an encounter with one of history's most famous painters. Louis wonders about the Doctor's finances, and Tom suggests that Van Gogh may be working with Improv Everywhere. Also, tangents about Bill Nigh-hee, lichens, and Abraham Lincoln. 

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The Cloister Room 068 - Face It, Tegan, He's Drowned!

This week, Tom and Louis's random wanderings bring them to a base under sea. Louis calls Turlough's suitability into question, while Tom admires Ingrid Pitt's dance moves. Should there have been another way?

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The Cloister Room 067 - The Mutually Interlocked Angel Situation

This week Tom and Louis are randomly brought to Wester Drumlins for an encounter with the Weeping Angels. This one's an all-time classic, so you probably shouldn't expect us to have much to complain about. Louis remembers when he first saw the episode, and laments a bygone era when Moffat's writing was precious. Tom manages to find two (2) things to complain about. Also: a mulligan and a Mulligan.

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