The Cloister Room 032 - Intelligent Slop

This week on The Cloister Room, Tom and Louis reminisce on the brilliance of Series Six of Doctor Who (as well as some of the less brilliant parts). Also, they talk about the first couple episodes of Fox's new show Terra Nova, and throw in some discussion of the current season of Fringe and some cursory discussion of a couple other science fiction shows. Please note: the last couple of minutes contain vague spoilers for the end of Battlestar Galactica.

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The Cloister Room 031 - "What Have We Learned Today?"

This week on The Cloister Room, Tom and Louis unpack the myriad implications of the Wedding of River Song. What they find may surprise you. Also: they talk about nothing else.

Tom's recap of The Wedding of River Song on The Faster Times:

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The Cloister Room 030 - Giant Amy Pond Face

This week on The Cloister Room, Louis and Tom explore the depths of the department store in Closing Time, and what they find my surprise you. And they travel through time and alternate dimensions to bring you some contentious discussion on the end of Fringe's third season and the beginning of its fourth.

Tom's recap of Closing Time on The Faster Times:

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The Cloister Room 029 - I'm Sorry I Killed You, Peter Davison!

This week Tom and Louis examine the God Complex and uncover the truth about the Doctor's greatest fear. The answer may surprise you. Also, Louis is right. Then, they FINALLY finish the first season of Eighth Doctor Adventures by discussing Human Resources.

Tom's recap of The God Complex on The Faster Times

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The Cloister Room 028 - How They Frict

This week Tom and Louis take on Doctor Who: "The Girl Who Waited," and attempt to unravel the potent psychological metaphor of the green anchor and the red waterfall. Tom picks on Louis a lot. Like, more than usual. And then they talk about Torchwood: Miracle Day, which is now done. 

Tom's recaps at The Faster Times:

Doctor Who: "The Girl Who Waited"

Torchwood: Miracle Day: "The Blood Line"

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The Cloister Room 027 - Please Fix Our Financial Troubles

The Cloister Room 027 - Please Fix Our Financial Troubles

This week Tom and Louis discuss Doctor Who: "Night Terrors", and propose potential solutions to the financial issues raised (but never addressed) in the universe. And even though they're a bit frustrated by Torchwood: Miracle Day, they have a few things to say about the latest episode, "The Gathering." 


Recap/Review of Doctor Who: "Night Terrors" for The Faster Times

Recap/Review of Torchwood: Miracle Day: "The Gathering" for The Faster Times


The poor man still has none.


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The Cloister Room 026 - Clearly I Am Not A Farmer

Doctor Who is back on our screens and in our hearts. Tom and Louis discuss "Let's Kill Hitler" and there's plenty of baseless speculation to go around. Plus, now that Tom is caught up on Torchwood: Miracle Day, he and Louis discuss the latest developments in that area.


Recap/Review of "Let's Kill Hitler" for The Faster Times:

Tumblog (featuring Classic Who tumblin'):


He doesn't have any. What's up with that guy?

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The Cloister Room 025 - A Storm-at-the-Heart-of-the-Sun Kind Of Guy

The Cloister Room returns from its inexcusable hiatus to stumble through some thoughts on Torchwood: Miracle May, and speculate wildly (and baselessly) about what's to come on Doctor Who when it returns this weekend.

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The Cloister Room 024 - Riverlation

The Cloister Room's semi-edited discussions of Doctor Who series six come to s close until "late summer" as Tom and Louis find out what happens when a Good Man Goes to War and scratch their heads a bit trying to fit all the pieces together and guess where this is all heading. Plus, a little discussion about the futures of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Come back next week for our oft-delayed discussion of Trial of a Time Lord!

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The Cloister Room 023 - The Eyes Say Why

This week our slightly edited discussion of Doctor Who is coming to you a bit late. Before watching A Good Man Goes To War, Tom and Louis discussed the two-part story The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People. That discussion is now yours, courtesy of the magic of podcasting.

Our thoughts on A Good Man Goes to War and the first half of series six as a whole will (hopefully) arrive in your ears before too long.

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