The Cloister Room 130 - Dr. Who and the Wheel of Snakes

That witch is familiar, isn’t she? Tom and Louis talk about the conclusion of the Doctor’s adventure on Skaro, and topics of discussion include how to write a good title, Kaledizing Davros, and Dalek strategy.

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The Cloister Room 129 - A One-Man Show, or A Many-Snake Show

It's back! Doctor Who is back on our screens! Tom and Louis discuss the long-awaited premiere of series nine, and weigh in on the Doctor, Missy, Clara, and all the surprise reveals and whatnot. Also discussed is the theatrical screening of Dark Water/Death in Heaven. There's so much going on we forget to even mention Jenna Coleman's officially confirmed departure from Doctor Who! Oops!

All this, and stay to the end for a (moderately) important announcement.

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The Cloister Room 128 - Skimming the Works of Kant

Tom and Louis revisit an old premise, discussing both the iconic Hartnell story The Dalek Invasion of Earth and its cinematic adaptation starring Peter Cushing. Topics of discussion include Bernard Cribbins, the allure of the post-apocalyptic, and just what exactly the Daleks wanted to do with Earth.

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The Cloister Room 127 - I Am Also Looking At The Christmas Pudding Wikipedia Page

Tom and Louis chart a course for one of Big Finish’s most celebrated release, the chilling Chimes of Midnight. Topics of discussion include classic automobiles of the United Kingdom, companion-driven story arcs, Doctor Who’s ulitmate get-out-of-death-free card, and… well, a lot of stuff about pudding.


The Cloister Room 126 - You Don't Want a Generic Face

This week, Tom and Louis pick up the funnybooks and talk about the first ten issues of the Tenth Doctor series from Titan Comics. Topics of discussion include the literary theory of comics, and David Tennant's face.

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The Cloister Room 125 - Make Sure It's An Anjou Pear

Tom and Louis journey into the pages of Paul Cornell's novel Human Nature, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield! Along the way, comparisons to the televised adaptation with David Tennant ensue. There is much talk of pears.


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The Cloister Room 124 - A Few More Hate Cells

Tom and Louis journey to Satellite Five to experience the Ninth Doctor's final stand, but are they just looking at the past through Rose colored glasses? 

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The Cloister Room 123 - The Nazi Parallels in Candy Land

After a week’s rest, Tom and Louis are back to discuss the Seventh Doctor and Ace’s adventure in a Nazi POW camp–Colditz! Topics of discussion include Klein’s golden age, lasers, and how David Tennant’s face is like a chicken parm sandwich.

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The Cloister Room 122 - Well, As Long As We're Screwing With The Timeline

Once again a day late (we're not making a habit of it, we swear), Tom and Louis journey back into the archives of Big Finish to discuss the Fifth Doctor audio the Kingmaker, in all its historical hilarity. Topics of discussion include Shakespeare discontinuity, misdirection with the Master, and the Fourth Doctor's Big Finish pseudo-debut.

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The Cloister Room 121 - Time-Vine

A day late but by no means a dollar short, this bumper edition of The Cloister Room features discussions of two different stories, bookending the Key to Time season--The Ribos Operation and The Armageddon Factor! If that turns out to be just slightly less than enough for you, how about a discussion of the new trailer for Series Nine of Doctor Who? Or how about a completely unrelated tangent about Animorphs? What are you waiting for? This thing is like an hour and a half long!

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