Once again a day late (we're not making a habit of it, we swear), Tom and Louis journey back into the archives of Big Finish to discuss the Fifth Doctor audio the Kingmaker, in all its historical hilarity. Topics of discussion include Shakespeare discontinuity, misdirection with the Master, and the Fourth Doctor's Big Finish pseudo-debut.


A day late but by no means a dollar short, this bumper edition of The Cloister Room features discussions of two different stories, bookending the Key to Time season--The Ribos Operation and The Armageddon Factor! If that turns out to be just slightly less than enough for you, how about a discussion of the new trailer for Series Nine of Doctor Who? Or how about a completely unrelated tangent about Animorphs? What are you waiting for? This thing is like an hour and a half long!

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Tom and Louis take a side step into the world of animation for a discussion of the 2003 webcast, Scream of the Shalka, starring Richard E. Grant as the Doctor! Topics of discussion include animation budgets, robot roommates, and the new series that never was.

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Tom and Louis have put a stop to their random wanderings. Invigorated by a new sense of directional purpose, and harangued by an artificially intelligent piece of junk mail, they journey to the Psychic Circus to discuss the Sylvester McCoy classic, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Topics of discussion include evil kites, fruit vending best practices, and just how psychic that circus really is, anyway.

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Randomly, Tom and Louis wind up on the fanciest of mining crafts, for a discussion of the Fourth Doctor classic, The Robots of Death! Topics of discussion include hallucinogens, growing up with robots, and rich assholes.

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Random chance brings Tom and Louis to the Celestial Toymaker's terrifying toyroom, where random chance is basically the only thing that's going on. Topics of discussion include George and Margaret, Dodo's loved ones, the curse of the Trilogic game, and racism.


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Random wandering brings Tom and Louis to the point just before they began podcasting together--the two-part finale of the 2010 series, The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang! Topics include the mysterious voice that says "Silence Will Fall," the Jim Carrey version of the Doctor, and the Sontaran's fashionable carrying accessories.

Direct download: The_Cloister_Room_116_-_Youre_Stuck_in_the_Hallway.mp3
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Tom and Louis randomly arrive in the vast HD deserts of Dubai for a discussion of the David Tennant Easter-avaganza, Planet of the Dead. We won't give away what they thought of the story but let's just say the explicit tag was quickly earned. Topics of discussion also include Dalek pets and getaway drivers.

Direct download: TCR_115_-_Cup_Pickup_Here.mp3
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Tom and Louis find their way through random wandering to the mysterious planet Ravalox for a discussion of The Mysterious Planet. Topics of discussion include double acts, the Doctor's presidency, and the ideal placement of audiovisual equipment in Gallifreyan courtrooms.

Direct download: The_Cloister_Room_114_-_Its_All_About_The_Model_Shot.mp3
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In their random wanderings, Tom and Louis are brought to the Power of Kroll, for a discussion of green body paint, CSO, ethical treatment of Swampies, and the career of Robert Holmes.

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