TCR 004: Requiem for a Drama The Cloister Room returns! No, it has not been canceled before its time, but this is an episode about television shows that were canceled before their time. The question at stake: Is it worth setting yourself up for disappointment by investing in a show that's already been canceled, or looks like it will be? The answer: Well, you'll just have to listen to find out! Also, the Dune quote of the week. Which is a bit of a misnomer, coming from a podcast that makes no claim to a weekly schedule.

Elsewhere on the Internet:
You can hear Tom as a guest panelist on episode 7 of Bridging the Rift (as soon as it's released anyway, I'll put a link to the episode here once it's out).

And you can also hear Tom, singing! Tom has sort of started a Trock project called Blinovitch, and he sings a song about The Valeyard over at videobloggery. It's called "The Ultimate Foe".

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