It's the third episode of the new Cloister Room podcast, a podcast about Doctor Who and other things. This week, the "Doctor Who" is the William Hartnell story "The Aztecs." Get your sacrifice face on. The "Other Things" include Torchwood, Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, The Legend of Zelda, and even the upcoming Eric Roberts vehicle "Sharktopus!"

Next week, we'll be talking about "The War Games," featuring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor. The week after that we'll be talking about a Third Doctor story... of your choosing! Comment here on this post, or leave an @ reply for @TheCloisterRoom on Twitter telling us which Third Doctor story we should discuss. Stories not on DVD are fine!

Oh, and be sure to let us know what you think of the podcast, through either of those ways or by e-mail at

Show topics:

00:00-01:27 - Intro

01:28-09:11 - The Aztecs

09:12-11:47 - Next week: The War Games! (and other banter)

11:48-14:04 - Torchwood: The New World (spoilers, if you don't want to hear about the character descriptions published by Starz)

14:05-17:22 - Third episode of the Doctor Who Adventure Game announced! BUT...

17:23-21:16 - ...IS IT CANON?

21:17-27:23 - Caprica finale discussion

27:24-30:37 - Battlestar Webisodes (and "finding the fun" in the Battlestar-verse)

30:38-32:29 - The future of Caprica

32:30 - end - Outroduction

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